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Singles (2016-2018)

Try (featuring Gary Gordon)

Do It For Me (featuring Courtney Grace)

Here (featuring Courtney Grace)

In The Air (featuring Courtney Grace)

Together Now (featuring Joe Brandon)

Watchin' You - Tropical/Future Bass version (featuring Courtney Grace)

Little Rondo

Psalm (featuring Diana Tesser)

Psalm (acoustic version featuring Diana and Justin Tesser)

Archie (featuring Klara K)

Wings (2017)

Wings cover

In February 2017, Dannenberg released this second pop EP titled Wings. It is Dannenberg's second extended play pop outing. Featuring a sample of pop styles, hooks, rich melodies and harmonies as well as raw emotional power, it is a confident foray into the ever-changing pop universe.

Track listing:

1. Watchin' You (Slip Through My Fingers)

2. Nothin' Better

3. Let Yourself Go

4. Been Needin' That

5. So Easy

2B (2016)

2B cover

Dannenberg's first pure pop EP, 2B came out in November 2016. Being Matt's take on contemporary pop music, it has a range of different approaches and styles going back to the 80s and 90s.

Track listing:

1. Halfway

2. To be

3. Together Now

4. Deathmatch

5. Walkin' On

6. Didn't Even Say Goodbye

Christmas carols (2012-2016)

Klara K

Since 2012, Dannenberg has established a tradition of Yuletide releases. Matt is a big fan of Christmas song master Johnny Marks and classic Tin Pan Alley/big band era Holiday songs. Matt's carols are all available for download on Soundcloud.


Every Christmas (featuring Klara K and Tom Tom) (2018)

Another Year's Winding Down (featuring Klara K and Tom Tom) (2017)

The Brightest Night (2016)

Shiny Christmas Lights (featuring Klara K) (2016)

That Christmas Cheer (featuring Klara K) (2015)

Stay For Christmas Day (featuring Elly Ball) (2015)

He Is Here (featuring Klara K) (2015)

Christmas For Two (2014)

Star of The Savior (featuring Kat Lisowski) (2012)

Detour (2014)

2B cover

Released under the project name 7000, Dannenberg's first album "Detour" is a compilation of songs written over a decade. Encompassing rock, pop, synthpop/electronica, traditional pop and other genres, it showcases a diversity of style and mood.

Track listing:

1. Nightingale

2. When I Look Back (featuring Kat Lisowski)

3. Peron (Au départ)

4. Intelligentsia

5. Willow Tree

6. Amélie

7. Lullaby

8. Frog King

9. Star-Studded Sky

10. Taiga

11. My Rainy Town

12. East-Northeast

13. La Strada

14. El Niño

15. Consolation


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